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Post 7: There are no clear line for the narrator in being invisible & visible at the same time

After countless discussions within class on the narrator who is existing as both a visible and invisible character within Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man, as I attempted to read through chapter twenty, I found myself constantly looking for these points where the narrator presents this … Continue reading

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looking for the double consciousness within James’ “The Pupil”

How does a joyous individual like Morgan suddenly die at the end of the story? Did I miss something? After our last class discussion on James’ concern with the double consciousness, and the need for a reader to pay attention to the not … Continue reading

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A sustain consciousness at the crossroads of 1880, can we recruit? Where are we now: Power over time

Nowadays society’s reliance on technology has become quite problematic in that our everyday’s lives are connected to a piece technology. Unfortunately we as individuals seem oblivion to our sick overdependence on the speed and quality of technology that it is … Continue reading

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possible wiki topics

Goethe’s theory of vision, the culture of the copy, and the standard image. As for Goethe, he has his own page, but nothing is linked concerning the visionary culture (he does talk about colors, and the eye, but nothing we … Continue reading

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Placing the world in the middle, or the end of the war? Whitman & Trachtenberg depicition of war in photo and text

In Whitman’s evaluation concerning the aftermath, and destruction of war, he describes (in a graphic, yet not skirmish) details: young soldiers whose limbs have been amputated. What does Whitman proposed will help these poor souls with lost body parts? He … Continue reading

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Vision, The Now, and God

In Emerson’s “Experience,” he found it is quite prevalent to remove the definition of living life through routines. Instead of constantly worrying about the future, people need to live in the now, given our vision advocates only that (our eyes … Continue reading

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